PVC filler shipping for customer

Thanks for all our customers in so long cooperation time. Today we ship one 20’GP PVC filler for his Cooling Towers. Let us know some about cooling tower and filler.

What is cooling tower designed for? Cooling towers are designed to remove unwanted heat from any heat dissipation process within a building, facility or station such as a power station or nuclear power plant. Heat removal is done in two ways: Cooling towers are known as open or wet cooling towers.

In this type of cooling tower, heat rejection is achieved by spraying water into the tower to soak the tower interior to cause evaporation and ultimately heat loss. Another type of cooling tower is an enclosed or dry cooling tower. In this type, the water from the condenser is not sprayed out, but stays in a sealed pipe, unlike wet or open type, it cannot leave the system, so it is called closed type.

The heat of the warm water received from the condenser is about 32 to 35°C. The water temperature should be around 27 – 25°C so that it can return to the cooler to get more heat out of the system.

The shape of the filler can be divided into spherical, granular, flake, fibrous, columnar, hollow tubular and hollow microsphere. Except for the spherical and hollow microsphere fillers, which are microisotropic, the fillers of other shapes are anisotropic. For anisotropic fillers: the larger the aspect ratio, the stronger the reinforcing effect, which is more conducive to the improvement of the mechanical properties of the product, but it is not good for the forming process. It is also beneficial to the forming and processing of composite materials for fillers with an aspect ratio close to 1, such as the same surname in all directions, but it is not conducive to the improvement of mechanical properties.

The fillers mainly plays the role of increasing the contact area of liquid and gas and expanding the heat exchange area. For example, when the water passes through the cooling tower packing layer, more water evaporates, taking away the latent heat of evaporation and lowering the water temperature. ”

Our company is located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, around us , there are many manufacturers who supply environmental protection equipment and accessories . Jiangsu province have many companies in high technology , welcome to contact with us to find the goods you want !

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Post time: Feb-18-2022